What is the NHANES medical abbreviation?

What is the meaning of the NHANES medical abbreviation?

The abbreviation NHANES may have a few different meanings. Here is the meaning of NHANES mean in medical terms.

What does NHANES stand for in medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, it is National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey the medical abbreviation NHANES stands for.

NHANES: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

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APRCAdvanced Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Center
CMBBEComputer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering (conference)
DCDischarge; Discontinue; Doctor of Chiropractics
HAMAHome Against Medical Advice
HCCHCHardeman County Community Health Center
JBNJust Better Nursing
NCCMHNational Collaborating Centre for Mental Health
NNRNot necessary to return
PDGPhysicians Development Group
PIBIDSPhotosensitivity, ichthyosis, brittle hair, intellectual impairment, decreased fertility and short stature
SOCHiSouthern California Health Institute