What does DMPH medical abbreviation stand for?

What does the DMPH medical term stand for?

There may be more than one meaning of DMPH. However, what does the medical term DMPH stand for?

What does DMPH mean in medical abbreviation?

In medicine, the medical abbreviation DMPH means Division of Medicine and Public Health.

DMPH: Division of Medicine and Public Health

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CCPCClinical Cannabis Pharmacist Conference
CDchemical dependency; cycle day; current diagnosis; Crohn’s disease; controlled drug(s); conduct disorder; cluster of differentiation; cesarean delivery; cardiovascular disease; communicable disease
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FPDDFamilial Pure Depressive Disease
G#P#Gravida # Para #
IrIridium (element)
MOPMental Or Physical
NHSCSPNational Health Service Cervical Screening Programme
OCBObsessive Compulsive Behavior
TRACTime-Released Arginine and Creatine
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